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PO BOX 346 Fremantle WA 6959
Ros de Souza: 0438 911 346

Studio 1: 12 Holland Street Fremantle
Michael Knight with guests Anna Mulders and Harvey Mullen

Studio 2: 275 High Street Fremantle
Trevor Richards with guests Theo Koning and Frank Morris

Studio 3: 26AChalmers Street Fremantle
Penny Bovell with guest George Howlett

Studio 4: 14b Blinco Street Fremantle
Ian and Ros de Souza

Studio 5: 31 Bellevue Terrace Fremantle
Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff with guest Stephen Spurrier

Studio 6: 26 Wood Street Fremantle
Jo Darbyshire

Studio 7: 48 Watkins Street White Gum Valley
Eveline Kotai and EDHO guests Annabel Dixon and Ruth Vickers

Buying artwork

New work, early work and studies will be available for sale and each artist will have their own payment options: receipted cash, credit card, direct deposit and lay-by. Refreshments and other treats will also be available for sale.

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